The new story of Brazhnikov Partners

Russian lawyers who are able to solve any problem, especially at the international level, can be counted on one hand.

Petr Brazhnikov is one such specialist. This is a person who is well known in narrow circles, they trust him and respect him.

Extracts from the biography of Petr Brazhnikov

There is practically no information about Peter’s personality on the Internet.

It is known from the biography of the lawyer that he was born in 1978 in Arkhangelsk and moved to Murmansk. He worked in the large companies Astra-Flot, Rosneft, Kola MMC: it was they who gave Peter the experience, thanks to which he was able to gain recognition and respect from the largest companies in the world.

Over time, Brazhnikov realized that he could achieve more, so he founded his law firm Brazhnikov & Partners Ltd in Holland and moved there with his wife and 3 children for permanent residence. The eldest son, according to our information, already heads the international cooperation department of Brazhnikov & Partners Ltd.

To this day, the lawyer is proud that he managed to assemble not just a good team, but, without exaggeration, the best. Employees have an education provided by the best universities in the world, as well as work experience in large organizations. Each team member has proved himself to be a true professional who is not afraid of difficulties and goes to the end.

Top managers of various foreign companies know that if they need fast and qualified assistance and the existence of the company is at stake, then it is best not to waste time, but immediately contact Petr Brazhnikov. In the law of the sea, he has no equal.

The state of the service market during a pandemic

Due to the closure of borders, the import of a number of goods was temporarily suspended. Moreover, difficulties were observed in their production, since the inability to supply one part undermines the entire process of creating a product. The empty ports of Malta, Cyprus, the United Kingdom and other countries have terrified companies.

Logistics disruptions have disrupted mainly non-food trade. If earlier firms were exploring new sales markets, expanding their assortment and, in this regard, required legal advice, now their frequent requests are refinancing, business restructuring, protection from creditors and reducing the tax burden.

The market for legal services also sank, but not so significantly, Petr Brazhnikov noted. On average, only 10% of firms said they had lost 50% of their customers. Without exception, all law firms have started talking about re-profiling their practices. Thus, the judicial practice went into a state of suspended animation, while the tax practice revived. This is due, as a rule, to a number of anti-crisis measures and business support. Peter’s main clients are companies from the UK, the Netherlands, Gibraltar, etc., the list of countries is very wide.

Despite the emergence of vaccines, experts do not make happy predictions. The coronavirus problem will be relevant by about 2025, companies are currently still adapting processes, renegotiating contracts and making medium-term planning to start making at least some profit. Petr Brazhnikov, for his part, is always ready to optimize costs, protect the interests of a particular company, and bring it to a new qualitative level of development. Perfect knowledge of the laws of the countries, many years of experience and the presence of a strong team is a guaranteed result, regardless of the nature and degree of neglect of the problem.

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